Milestone to track the project progress

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Track the project steps

Milestone steps shows which task is done and which one needs to be completed. By this way, employer and freelancer can go through the project’s working flow smoothly and also give admins a general view point of what they have got in their project in case of there is a dispute.

Milestones are a great tool to help  break up a long-reaching job into smaller pieces that a freelancer can accomplish one at a time.  Milestones should be deployed to keep everyone on track.

Update the milestones by employer

After posting project, if employer updates the milestones (adding more, removing some milestones, or changing milestone details), all project bidders will be notified via email

Change to the milestones

If employer has selected a freelancer for the project, both will open the workspace to start working on the project. From this time, employer cannot make any change to the milestones.

Resolve a milestone

When finishing a step, freelancer can mark Resolved in drop-down menu under each milestone (see image below). Employer will receive an email when freelancer resolves a milestone.



Re-open Milestone step by Freelancer

Freelancer cannot undo this action. If he wants to reopen the milestone, he has to contact the employer. The employer can re-open the milestone step.

Dispute during the project

In case of dispute during the project, Prolancer Hub Management team can rely on milestones’ status to determine how to resolve the money properly for employer and freelancer.


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