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Prolance Hub Payment Protection

Escrow  payment to ensure that clients get the work they’ve asked for and freelancers get paid for work completed. With Prolance Hub fixed price payments Protection, clients making fixed-price credits deposit  payment into escrow before work begins. Upon receiving and approving the work, payment is released to the freelancer.

Project status is Processing

When your client make a payment deposit on a fixed-price job, it immediately shows as working project on your financial account. They become available after the client approve your final project.

Transition Status

The payment for your job is protected by Prlancerhub Escrow . The client makes a deposit into escrow and sets up a milestone. When you submit the milestone deliverable, the client releases the funds. The client will release the deposit. However, no escrowed funds can be returned to the client until the contract is complete and you agree or go through dispute mediation. your payment status as shown as pending in the transaction tab of your credit panel.

Client Approve Work/Project/ All Milestone steps

When your client finish and approve your project, payment status immediately shows as completed on your account. They become available for withdrawal immediately.

Update Freelancer Payee Information

Withdraw credit from your available balance. You can use either of two following payment methods:

Withdrawal form, and withdrawal amount

After you click withdraw button a form will show up to enter the amount of money you need to withdraw out of your available balance, and a field to select any updated payment method

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