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After confirming your email, click on my profile, and start completing your profile, please note: You must complete your profile to do any activities on site


Profile Title

The title of your profile is your first impression to potential clients. It allows you to share your top skills and area of expertise.

Profile Portrait Photo

Under default profile image click change , then click change picture and attach your own profile picture as shown below

Total Years of Experience

any experience that is relevant. Freelancer Experience is very specially if it is relevant to or is similar the job or in the same field.

Add Hourly Rate to Your Freelancer Profile

Your hourly rate gives clients an idea of how much you generally charge and allows clients to filter freelancer searches by rate. This rate may be higher or lower than the actual rates in your Prolancerhub history, and it certainly does not prevent you from negotiating new contracts on a case-by-case basis.

When you change your rate on your profile, it will not affect your current contracts or proposals. So you can change it as often as you like. Some freelancers update it to match each proposal submitted. Others use it as a baseline for negotiations, much like a store would publish a higher full retail price and then offer discounts.

Add Skills to Your Freelancer Profile

Having a complete profile with your work history and list of skills can help a potential client learn whether you are the right person for their project.To add skills to your profile.

When adding your skills be sure you’re using the correct ones. If you are having trouble finding your skill among the options, try some synonyms. Or be a little less specific.

Email me jobs that are relevant to my skills

Never Miss an Important Jobs which are matching with your skills. In today’s always connected world, it’s expected that you will get an email as soon as new job match posted at website!

Add Your Profile Overview

Your overview sets the tone for your profile by showing off your personality and giving employers a reason to read more about your skills and experience. Keep it brief here — only the first 250 or so characters will appear in the freelancer search results list. And remember, never include your contact information in your profile.


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