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Your portfolio is where you have the opportunity to impress potential clients with real-life examples of your skills and expertise. Use it to show off projects related to any or all of your skills, so long as you personally have worked on every item you add and adhere to all of prolancerhub’s Terms of Service.

Portfolios aren’t just for writing and artwork samples. You can describe and skill-tag projects you’ve done in any category.

Portfolio Title

You probably already know that having a good portfolio title is very important. Show your potential client who you are, Keep your portfolio title updated

Portfolio Description

Like the rest of your profile, posting contact info isn’t allowed in your portfolio. That means these files (and linked sites) can’t include your email address, phone number, or chat ID.

Upload Files

(Maximum upload file size is limited to 10MB, allowed file types in the png, jpg, and gif.)

Enter a thumbnail image by attaching project files so the client has something to see. Images can be in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png format. . The maximum size is 10 mb for attachments.

Best Practices

Freelancers with effective portfolios tend to follow these best practices:

  • Be selective. Show your best work rather than everything you have ever created.
  • Describe your role in the project. Which parts of the project were you responsible for? How long did it take to complete the project?
  • Keep your portfolio updated. As you complete new projects, remove examples that are outdated or irrelevant.
  • Link items to past contracts whenever possible. These items will be displayed more prominently and help build your credibility in the prolancer Hub.


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